Australian Minescapes

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"The Australian Minescapes, taken in resource-rich Western Australia, create that same deadly mix of awe, incredulity and anxiety we have come to expect of Burtynsky's work. they represent the rapacious appetite of the globalised economy, of which Australia and Australians are an integral part, and are a reminder that as consumers we are all implicated in the exploitation of the natural environment. Not only that, we are also involved in creating a world in which potentially nothing natural will remain." – Helen Ennis

"What is at first glance merely a scarred landscape becomes poetic evidence of resources spent, nature transformed as well as realized -- or failed -- hopes and dreams. The aerial images of the Silver Lake Operations at Lake Lefroy and of the pits and tailings at Kalgoorlie, along with the Dampier Salt Ponds are among the most handsome that Burtynsky has ever made. They combine a kind of mapping with a keenly felt experience of all the hard rock grit, dust and labour transforming these arid lands." – Michael Mitchell


Hardcover: 92 pages

Publisher: Western Australia Museum (2008)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-920843-42-7

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